About MyPlastiki

MyPlastiki is a metaphor for a personal or collective solution to waste.

The MyPlastiki site is a microphone to amplify our collective voice. We want to empower you, young or old, to turn your imagination and dreams into the catalyst for real world change. With our combined ideas and efforts we can craft a future that is absent of the harmful waste degrading the health of our oceans and planet.

Over the coming weeks and months MyPlastiki will become a place to share inspiring stories about beating waste and get support from an action-oriented community of eco-influencers.


Excessive waste is a new phenomenon caused by an attitude that everything cheap is disposable and everything disposable is cheap. But with dwindling natural resources, out-of-control consumption and an ever-increasing world population nothing is cheap or disposable.

The more we produce and throw away the worse it gets. For fish, marine mammals and other wildlife ingestion of plastic or entanglement in debris is a daily threat, which results in poisoned fish stocks and loss of ocean life and habitats. The same is true on land.

Our goal is to see a 75% or more reduction in the amount of human made waste heading out to landfill and sea. It’s achievable if we work together on making small changes in our lives like the MyPlastiki pledge or remembering the 4R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink.


Collective action is the only way to achieve real world change. Whether you’re an individual, business, university, or organization your pledge immediately eliminates more unnecessary waste in our environment. So challenge a co-worker to drink from a reusable bottle or rally some students to ban styrene foam on your campus. Every bit helps, and lots of little actions make a big impact.