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STEP 02 / Make Your Pledge

A simple change can make a big difference—by clicking the pledge button, you are making a promise to better our world by not using Plastic Bags.

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Your Impact

The Pacific Ocean alone is polluted with about 100 million tons of floating trash, 80-percent of which came from land-based sources. But your individual effort directly affects that number by stopping its rise.

Depending on your pledge you’ve eliminated per year an average of about 170 plastic water bottles, 330 plastic bags, and 20 pounds of polystyrene foam containers, cups and packaging (considering foam is 95-percent air that’s a lot!).

By pledging you’ve already started rethinking waste. Now keep your eyes open for other ways to reduce our human fingerprints on the planet. You’re not only saving the lives of marine animals, you’re also contributing to cleaner land, air, water, and overall better health for everyone.

Visit theplastiki.com for more stats and some cool posters about waste.